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Fish Prawn Crab Dice Casino Game

Game Features

Fish-Prawn-Crab Dice is a very common slot casino game in southern of China. Until now, people still play this game during the New Year vocation.
Basically the type and odds are the same as Sic Bo, but use the patterns of fish, prawn, crab, coin, calabash and chicken to replace the dots on the dices.

Game Rules

Before place your bet, the dealer needs to shake the dice cup which has dices inside. There are several bet ways on the table.
You win if your bet is the same as the result. If different, you lose.

  1. The equipment: 3 dices, one dice cup and a table which has several bet ways on it. A new game stars after every round finished.
  2. After the dealer shakes the dice cup, players can place their bets. After finish bet, please click open.
  3. After the dealer opens the dice cup, the system will give out the prize according to the result.
Bet WaysInstructionsOdds
Any Triple 3 dices have identical pattern. 1:30
One Bet on a pattern and the result shows one pattern which you bet. 1:1
Two Bet on a pattern and the result show two patterns which you bet. 1:2
Three Bet on a pattern and the result shows three patterns which you bet. 1:3
Single Bet on a combination with 2 dices and the result shows one of the dices. 1:5
Double Bet on a combination with 2 dices and the result shows both dices. 1:7

※ When bet on combinations with 2 dices and you win single and double, the system will only payout the odds of double.

※ For each game, the maximum bet is 1000.

Game Screen

Credit Exchange Choose the ratio, exchange and cash out.
Deal / Rebet Show the result / replace the wagers from the last game.
Clear / New Game Clear the all wagers on the table / Start a new game.
SN Game round
User ID Display the user's ID
Credits Display the current credit points.
Win The winning amount of this round.
Deposit Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
Sound Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
Music Clicking to start or stop the background music
History Clicking to show the history data.
Help Clicking to show the game rules.
Exit Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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