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Caribbean Poker Game

Game Statement

Caribbean Poker is a game which determines winner from the combination of the 5 cards. After Ante bet, dealer will deal 5 cards and then the player according to rank of the cards to decide should compete with banker or not.
Caribbean Poker game is easy to bet. Only compare hand rank and don't consider the suits. The rule is simple and clear. It doesn't have many extra rules. This game is easy to play.

Game Instruction

  1. After Ante bet, Dealer will deal 5 cards to each player and banker. After deal, according to your hand, you have the option to either call or fold. If you call, your hand can compare with the banker's hand. If you fold, then will move to the next round.
  2. When member places Ante, he/she also can place wagers on Bonus. If player's hand matches the type of cards of Bonus, he/she can get the prize from the Bonus odds whether winning, losing, or the banker qualifies or not.

Caribbean Poker Game Rules

  1. This game uses 52 cards and the cards will be shuffled before a new game starts every time.
  2. Start the game, finished place Ante and then click Deal.
  3. Dealer starts to deal. Firstly, deal five cards to player and turn over the cards from left to right. Then, deal five cards to banker and only turn over the last card (the first right card on the table).
  4. Player has the option to either "Call" or "Fold". When the player chooses Fold, banker turns over the cards. Click on "Rebet" or "New Game" to start next round. When the player chooses Call, banker turns over the cards and compare with the player's hand. If the player wins, he/she wins the prize which corresponds to the odds.
  5. Please see the instructions of bet items following below:
    ItemBet AmountInstructions
    Ante Min. 1, Max. 1000. The basic bet item. Need to conform to the minimum and maximum. Cannot call and place wagers on Bonus if don't place ante.
    Call Twice the amount of the Ante. Fixed at twice the amount of the Ante.
    Bonus 10 points per bet, and one bet per round. After Ante bet, you have option to either place wagers on Bonus or not. Only need to click once and then can bet. Only one bet per round.

Rules of Comparing

After members Call, compare the cards. Please see the following rules of comparing:

  1. The banker qualifies at least his hand either contains both an ace and a king. If her hand doesn't contain both ace and king, and also doesn't match any types of cards, the banker's hand doesn't qualify. Then, the player wins. The wagers of call will be refunded and also can receive even money (1:1) on the ante.
  2. If the player wins when the banker qualifies and has High Card or any higher-ranked poker hand, the player receives even money (1:1) on the ante and the prize from the odds of call.
  3. When you place wagers on Bonus, the wagers won't be refunded whether winning or losing. If you win, you only can get the prize which corresponds to the odds of Bonus.

Rules of rank:

  • Suits: not considered.
  • Card rank (highest to lowest): A, K, Q, J , 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • Two straights are ranked by comparing the highest card of each. If the straight consists of "A, 2, 3, 4, 5", "A" is the lowest card in straight.
  • When types and ranks are equal, compare the rest of the other cards. If those are equal as well, this round is tied and the system will refund the wagers of Ante and Call.

All types of cards (highest to lowest):

Type of CardsInstructionsPatterns
Royal Flush 10~ACE in sequence and all of the same suit.
Straight Flush 5 cards in sequence and all of the same suit.
Four of a Kind 4 cards of one rank and any other card.
Full House Three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank.
Flush All five cards are of the same suit, but not in sequence.
Straight Five cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits.
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank, plus two which are not of this rank nor the same as each other.
Two Pairs Two cards of the same rank, plus two cards of another rank, plus any card not of either rank.
One Pair Two cards of one rank, plus three cards which are not of this rank nor the same as each other.
High Card No hand is made. Two high-card hands are ranked by comparing the highest-ranking card. If those are equal, then the next highest-ranking card from each hand is compared, and so on until a difference is found. If the five cards are equal, this round is tied.

Example : 7 8 J K A
Compare Order : 5 4 3 2 1


There are two parts of odds which are Ante and Call:
a. Ante: fixed 1:1.
b. Call: Banker qualifies and player wins, then can win the prize from the following odds.

Type of CardsOdds
Royal Flush 1 :100
Straight Flush 1 :50
Four of a Kind 1 :20
Full House 1 :7
Flush 1 :5
Straight 1 :4
Three of a Kind 1 :3
Two Pairs 1 :2
One Pair 1 :1
High Card 1 :1

Odds of Bonus: If player places wagers on Bonus and his/her hand matches the following type of cards, the player can get the prize from the following odds whether winning or losing.

Type of Cards (Player)Odds
Royal Flush 1 :2500
Straight Flush 1 :1000
Four of a Kind 1 :500
Full House 1 :100
Flush 1 :50

Game Screen

Bonus Can see the Bonus Payouts and bet on Bonus.
Ante Ante bet.
Call Raise bets. The wager is twice the amount of the Ante.
Credit Exchange Choose the ratio, exchange and cash out.
Deal / Call / Rebet Start a new game/increase the bet amount (twice the amount of the Ante) / repeat the wager from the previous game.
Clear/Fold/New Game Clear all the wagers on the table / fold this round/bet with new wagers.
CN Game round
User ID Display the user's ID
Credits Display the current credit points.
Win The winning amount of this round.
Deposit Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
Sound Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
Music Clicking to start or stop the background music.
History Clicking to show the history data.
Help Clicking to show the game rules.
Exit Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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