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Xmas Party Slot Game Online

Game Rule

~Jingle Bells Jingle Bells~ this familiar music accompanied by lively atmosphere. Christmas is coming and the kids always look forward to receive presents on Christmas so they will write their wishes and put into Christmas stocking. Hope when Santa is coming to give the presents, Santa can see the wishes.

This game consist of 5 reels with 20 lines that includes Free Game, Jackpot, Bonus Symbol, Scatter, and 3D slot games for Wild. The bonus is calculated from left to right according to the betting amount and winning symbols in correspondence.

  • Primary Roles:presents, stars, bells.
  • Secondary Roles:Santa Claus, David’s deer, little girl, snowman, present bag, Christmas tree, turkey, cake, cookie.
  • Bonus Games:Dreams Come True, The Mission Must Reach, Free Game.


  • 4 Jackpots:Mini/Minor/Major/Grand.
  • The bonus odds can up to 900 times.
  • The Bonus Symbols, the Free Game, the Scatter Symbol, the Wild Symbol and the Jackpot Symbol.
  • The highest odds of each line is the winning score of the player.
  • The players winning score is calculated from the left of each betting line.
  • The total score of each game is calculated by player’s betting amount multiplied odds on each line.


Bonus Symbol1
Xmas Party-Bonus Symbol1 3 out of 5 reels appear → he Mission Must Reach
Ways: There are two levels. If you can successfully cross the pond and dodge the attack from the snowman, then can win the prize.
Bonus Symbol2
Xmas Party-Bonus Symbol1 3 out of 5 reels appear → Dreams Come True
Ways: Choose one of the doors, then, open the gift box to win the prize.
Bonus Symbol3
Xmas Party-Bonus Symbol3 5 Symbols X 20 Times
4 Symbols X 15 Times
3 Symbols X 10 Times
3 out of 5 reels appear → Free Game
Will winning double prize and Free Game. During the Free Game, all prizes are doubled.
Scatter Symbol
Xmas Party-Scatter Symbol 5 X 100
4 X 40
3 X 5
3 or more symbols appear on the 5 reels, then, win the prize.
Wild Symbol
Xmas Party-Wild Symbol The Wild Symbol can stand of for any other symbols and complete the winning combinations with the other symbols, but excluding the Scatter Symbol, the Bonus Symbols and the Jackpot Symbol.
Following symbols can be replaced
Xmas Party-Wild Symbol
Jackpot Symbol
Xmas Party-Jackpot Symbol
Consecutive 2 or more Jackpot Symbols appear from left to right on payline → win Jackpot.
Xmas Party-Jackpot
Xmas Party-Jackpot
Xmas Party-Jackpot
Patterns Odds Patterns Odds
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 900
4 X 150
3 X 15
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 450
4 X 120
3 X 12
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 300
4 X 100
3 X 10
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 200
4 X 75
3 X 8
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 100
4 X 50
3 X 6
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 90
4 X 40
3 X 5
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 80
4 X 30
3 X 4
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 70
4 X 20
3 X 3
Xmas Party-Odds 5 X 60
4 X 10
3 X 2

Game Screen

Xmas Party-Main Game Screen

A Jackpot Information
B Game Screen
C Game Function
D Player Information
E Basic Function

Free Game

Xmas Party-Free Game

The Mission Must Reach

Xmas Party-The Mission Must Reach

Dreams Come True

Xmas Party-Dreams Come True

Game FunctionInstruction
TOTAL BET The bet points of current round.
LINE BET The point of each line, up to 20 points.
WIN The winning amount of this round.
SELECT LINES The max. bet is 20 lines.
MAX BET Bet 20 points for each line on 20 lines.
AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLAY Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
SPIN/STOP Start or stop spin.
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round
USER ID Display the user’s ID
DEPOSIT Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
SOUND Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking to start or stop the background music.
HISTORY Clicking to show the history data.
HELP Clicking to show the game rules.
EXIT Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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