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Kung Fu Loung Slot Game Online

Game Rules

Jeet Kune Do is a well-recognized Chinese martial art especially famous in Wing Chun punches. Bruce Lee is a well-known Master of Jeet Kune Do. He has never afraid any challenges. In the Bonus Games, player brings Kung Fu essence to earn bonus. This kung fu game online consists of 5 reels with 20 lines that include free spins, multiple bonus, Jackpot, and 3D slot games for Wild Symbols. The bonus is calculated by 3 or more resemble symbols that appear from left to right according to the betting amount and winning symbols in correspondence.
Primary Roles:Bruce Lee, The King of Fighters, Master
Secondary (Objects):nunchaku, giant punching bag, wooden dummy, punching bag, glove, dumbbells
Bonus Games:Flying Dragon, Legend of the Fist, Free Spins

20 lines:

  • 4 Jackpots:Mini / Minor / Major / Grand
  • The bonus odds can up to 900 times
  • Bonus Symbol、Wild (Symbol) and Free Spins
  • The highest odds of each line is the winning score of the player.
  • The player's winning score is calculated from the left of each betting line.
  • The total score of each game is calculated by player's betting amount multiplied odds on each line.


Bonus Symbol 1

3 out of 5 reels appear→ Flying Dragon
Ways:The player is Bruce Lee. There are 8 lamps upon and kick them to win the bonus.

Bonus Symbol 2

3 out of 5 reels appear→ Legend of the Fist
Ways:To guess the coming out poker number will be bigger or smaller than the poker number which is on the middle of the screen.

Bonus Symbol 3
5 symbols 15 times
4 symbols 10 times
3 symbols 5 times
3 out of 5 reels appear → Free Spins
During the Free Spins, all prizes are doubled or more. Maybe 2 times, 3 times or 4 times.

It comes with alternative to replace and complete the winning combinations, but excluding Bonus Symbol.
When full bets and full lines, the third reel appears a Wild, then, next 5 games the third reel will be locked by a dragon.

Following elements can be replaced.

※ Wild symbols won't appear on the first reel.


2 or more Jackpot symbols that appear from left to right on payline → win Jackpot



5 X 900
4 X 150
3 X 15
5 X 450
4 X 120
3 X 12
5 X 300
4 X 100
3 X 10
5 X 200
4 X 75
3 X 8
5 X 100
4 X 50
3 X 6
5 X 90
4 X 40
3 X 5
5 X 80
4 X 30
3 X 4
5 X 70
4 X 20
3 X 3
5 X 60
4 X 10
3 X 2

Game Screen

Main Game Screen

Free Spins

Legend of the Fist

Flying Dragon

Game FunctionInstruction
TOTAL BET The bet amount of this round.
WIN The winning amount of this round.
Credit Exchange To choose the ratio, exchang and cash out.
SELECT BET Bet line, maximum 20 lines.
LINE BET The point of each line, up to 20 points.
MAX BET The full bet is up to 20 lines, 20 points for each line.
SPIN Start from a single time.
Basic FunctionInstruction
User ID display the player's account
Balance display the current balance
SN Game round
SOUND Clicking this button starts or stops the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking this button starts or stops the background music.
HISTORY Clicking this button shows the history data.
HELP Clicking this button shows the game rules.
EXIT Clicking this button exits the game and back to the game hall.

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