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Monkey King Slot Game Online

Game Rule

To play monkey king game online - slot 25 Links is a probability game by running 5 reels collaborated with 25 links the player chosen and betting amount to create multiple linking.
Main:Monkey King、Tang san cang、Bull Demon King
Minor:Monsters、Yueya Shovel、Nine tooth toothed rakes、Xuan wu、Buddha'hand、Lian shan lu、Wind fire wheel、Centipede、Plantain fan、Money bottle gourd
Jackpot game:Free Spin Bonus Game、 Double Bonus Game 、Monkey King Bonus Game

25 Links:

  • The max. Pay off rate in each link is the player's score.
  • Player's score is calculated from the left of betting line.
  • The total score of the game is calculated by link bet multiplying Pay off rate.


Bonus Symbol 1

3 out of 5 reels appears → Monkey King Bonus Game
Rescuing Monkey King Bonus Game
Total 5 battles, there are 5 fingers in each battle for selection, Choose the right designated finger can get bonus to rescue the Monkey King.
Successfully defeated 5 battles can obtain bonus of total score in 5 battles multiplied by 2; or else bonus will be the sum of score won in 5 battles.

Bonus Symbol 2

3 out of 5 reels appears → Double Bonus Game
Double Bonus Game
Player can decide to bet on "larger" or "smaller" than the newed card set appear in the middle.
Winner can get doubled score; loser’s score will not be deducted but game over.

Bonus Symbol 3

3 out of 5 reels appears → Free Spin Bonus Game
Free game
Enter into free game of 10 times slot machine.

Scatter Symbol
5 X 50
4 X 10
3 X 5

Scattering on any of the 5 reels.
As long as there appears 3 or more bonuses, the pay rate will be as left.

Wild Symbol

It means to be alternative, and can be combined with other markings, but excluding scattering marking and bonus marking.
Following elements can be replaced.

※ The 1st of the 5 reels will not appear Wild marking.


2 or more Jackpot symbols that appear from left to right on payline → win Jackpot



Patterns Odds Patterns Odds
5 X 3000
4 X 500
3 X 100
2 X 5
5 X 2000
4 X 300
3 X 60
2 X 3
5 X 1000
4 X 100
3 X 30
5 X 250
4 X 75
3 X 25
5 X 200
4 X 60
3 X 20
5 X 150
4 X 45
3 X 15
5 X 100
4 X 30
3 X 10
5 X 50
4 X 15
3 X 5

Game Screen

Main game

Free Spin Bonus Game

Double Bonus Game

Monkey King Bonus Game

Game FunctionInstruction
Bet Total The bet amount of this round.
LINE BET The point of each line.
Win The winning amount of this round.
SELECT LINE The max. bet is 25 lines.
LINE BET Bet points per line, up to 20 points max.
Max Bet Bet on all 25 lines, 20 points per line.
SPIN / STOP Start spin or Stop.
Basic FunctionInstruction
USER ID Displaying the player's account
CREDITS Displaying the current balance
SN Game round
SOUND Clicking this button starts or stops the sounds
MUSIC Clicking this button starts or stops the music
HISTORY Clicking this button shows the history data
HELP Clicking this button shows game rules
EXIT Clicking this button closes the game and back to the game hall

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