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Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy: Most Successful Strategy That Works

The Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy is an even more advanced Chinese baccarat betting system than the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy and is also used to consistently win at baccarat. Have you ever watched a Baccarat player at a casino or in a tournament?

Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

Have you ever seen them pass on a few bets while studying their scorecard? Then after two or three passed deals, they bet a huge stack of chips. The baccarat croupier deals the cards, then pays out the player with a large stack of gaming chips. The baccarat player just won more in that deal than most people earn in a week.

Was there something mysterious about how calm they were when they placed the bet? Is there something that they know, that you are not aware of? Is there some inside secret or something? Yes, there is an inside secret, it is a specialized betting strategy. We are here to share with you two of those strategies that professional players use to consistently win. One being the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy that we will describe here and the other being the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy.

About the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

  • Buy-in of 16 chips of the denomination you are comfortable with
  • A bankroll of 64 chips for a total of 4 buy-ins
  • Conservative variation of the strategy calls for a 48 chip bankroll
  • Unique bet selection strategy (Not the martingale) that also has a Breakaway Strategy for bigger gains
  • This strategy is designed to win a minimum of 6 chips (37.5% gain on each buy-in)

Getting Acquainted With the Silver Tiger Baccarat System

Where the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy's innovation lies is that you get a few extras out of the box compared to other strategies.

It is also a fast-paced game in terms of burning through your bankroll because it requires that you have at least 48 chips. There are also additional side bets, which you will need to understand when it is the right time to use them. Plus, this strategy also has an exit plan, so you exit the strategy's betting sequence when you are ahead i.e., you can quit while you are ahead.

  • Fast paced game
  • Requires 64 or 48 chips to play
  • There are ‘Break-away' bets (Side Bets)
  • This strategy has an ‘Exit plan'
  • You will need to learn the unique betting sequence

Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

Where Does the Silver Tiger System Originate From

China is the birthplace of the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy, and the system is the brainchild of Ri Chang. Like many other systems the inventors of many other gambling systems, Ri Chang is a well-respected guru when it comes to mathematical statistics.

As with games such as blackjack where hours of research went into creating what all know as basic strategy today, Ri Chang dedicated much of his life to cracking gambling by inventing unique systems. His most successful of those systems being the Silver Tiger strategy.

If you are keen on applying more aggressive betting strategies, you should definitely consider the Silver Tiger strategy, intended to help you accumulate winnings faster than the Golden Eagle strategy.

What makes Silver Tiger stand out from the rest is the unique betting sequence players have to follow. Just like the Golden Eagle, it has a low buy-in and the player is required to have 16 chips in the desired denomination. In order to get another four buy-ins, the player needs 64 more chips.

The strategy enables you to win at least 6 chips every time you buy-in. If you do not want to expose your chips to unnecessary risks, you can try a bit more conservative strategy that allows you to start with 48 chips. If you wish so, you can also take advantage of the side bet called the breakaway.

Know more information about baccarat strategy that help players to increase winning chance at online casino.