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Chocolate Passion Casino Game

Game Instruction

Happy White Day!! The new version of BB Scratch Card, Chocolate Passion, now is released. Card price is 10, and you can win up to 250,000 points!! Come to get a new Chocolate Passion. Not only warm your heart, but also enrich your pocket.

Game Features

  • Game Contents : there are 2 play areas :
  Game 1 Game 2
Instructions Play style : Match 3 of 6

If 3 symbols revealed are the same, you can win a prize.

Play style : Automated Win

If the specific symbol Diamond Ring revealed, you can win the prize shown for that symbol.

Symbols Cherry chocolate, heart chocolate, strawberry chocolate, toffee chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate ball, rose chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate roll, liqueur chocolate Diamond Ring
Patterns Patterns
  • The Jackpot Symbol :
    If the Jackpot symbol “condom” revealed in “Game 1”, you can win the Jackpot according to the number of the Jackpot symbols.
Jackpot Symbol
6 X Grand 3~6 Jackpot symbols revealed in Game 1 → win Jackpot.
5 X Major
4 X Minor
3 X Mini

Game Procedure

Stage 1 : Choose the number of scratch cards.

1 card2 cards4 cards

Stage 2 : Click START or AUTO to scratch.

Stage 3 : Choose START, members can scratch the card manually.

Stage 4 : Click SCRATCH ALL and then the system will scratch all games for you automatically.

Stage 5 : Choose AUTO and then the system will scratch all games for the member automatically.

※ No matter how many cards you choose. AUTO also can be used to scratch.
※ If you disconnect or log out during scratching, the system will scratch off for you automatically.
※ When you choose 2 or 4 cards, the system will scratch off for you automatically after you click START.

Main Game Screen

A Jackpot Information
B Game 1
C Game 2
D Choose the number of cards
E Game Function
F Player Information
G Basic Function
Game FunctionInstruction
CREDIT EXCHANGE Exchange and cash out
WIN The winning amount of this round
CREDITS Display the current credit points
STOP AUTO Choose Auto or Stop Auto
SCRATCH ALL Start to scratch
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round
USER ID Display the user’s ID
DEPOSIT Clicking DEPOSIT to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
SOUND Clicking SOUND to start or stop the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking MUSIC to start or stop the background music.
HISTORY Clicking HISTORY to show the history data.
HELP Clicking HELP  to show the game rules.
EXIT Clicking EXIT to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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