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Lucky Number Roulette Game

Game Rules

Lucky Number Roulette - You can choose the chips to place the bet as you like. The odds are different as you bet. Bonus =bet unit * odds.


Any one number (1~24)。Pays 1 to 23.4
Lot numbers (1~8, 9~16, 17~24)。Pays 1 to 2.9
Last digit of (1,2,3,4) 。Pays 1 to 7.8


Numbers (Odd, Even )

Pays 1 to 1.9

Game Frame

Any one number:
bet on the exact number the wheel will stop on.
bet on one or two colors. You win, if the wheel stops on a number of that color.
Lot numbers:
There are three ranges: 1 to 8, 9 to 16, 17 to 24. You win, if the wheel stops on a number that is located within the range you bet on.
Last digit:
bet on the last digit of the spin result. You win if the result has the right last digit. For example, betting on 3 will win if the spin result is 3, 13 or 23.
Total Bet The bet amount of previous round
Win The winning bet of previous round
Rebet Repeat last bet placed for the previous round
Clear all bets Cancel all bets
Spin Clicking the spin button starts the wheel
User ID displaying the player's account
Credit displaying the current balance
SN game round
History Clicking this button shows the history data
Help Clicking this button shows game rules
Exit Clicking this button closes the game and back to the game hall
Music Clicking  this button starts or stops the music
Sound Clicking  this button starts or stops the sounds

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