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Madame Caroline Slot Game

Madame Caroline is a 5 reel 3 line slot game with 243 ways to win from online slot provider PlayStar. Madame Caroline slot games can give gamers a big bonus and don't miss free spins / replays up to 70 times. So, let's join Esballeu and play Madame Caroline right now and get a 100% Online Slot New Member Bonus at the Esballeu Online Slot Agent.

Madame Caroline Slot Game

Madame Caroline Slot Game Features

Madame Caroline has its popularity not only because of the high 0% payout. It is made in the Video Slots genre, has a payout scheme: line-reels 5-3 and is decorated with N/A.

You are sure to be fascinated by N/A symbols, as well as Violet, Wizards, Crystals, Magician, Illusionist. And in the variety of all possible bonus features include:

The coincidence of the same symbols in a line on the three reels guarantees the player a win commensurate with the face value of Violet, Wizards, Crystals, Magician, Illusionist symbols. The maximum number of winning lines in Madame Caroline slot reaches 243 lines. And when falling out on each reel of the most expensive symbols player the right to count on the maximum win .

Madame Caroline Slot Game Free Spin Bonus

How to Play Madame Caroline Slot Game

Choose your bet size using the arrows or in the settings. For Madame Caroline slot the minimum bet is 12 in the currency of your casino game account, and the maximum bet is 24,000. Now click spin or choose the auto spin feature, which allows you to spin the reel without your constant involvement. And pressing play again activates turbo spin mode.

The winning symbols found in the Madame Caroline slot game are themed with predictions and other magic symbols. The symbols in the Madame Caroline slot game have a main symbol and an additional symbol. The main symbols in Madame Caroline are the fireball symbol, purple light, green light and blue light and yellow light. Additional symbols in the Madame Caroline slot game are the letters A, K, Q, J and the number 10.

Madame Caroline Slot Game Payout

Madame Caroline Slot Game Payout

This slot game also has a WILD symbol, a symbol that can replace all symbols except the BONUS symbol. The wild symbol in this game is a symbol with the word wild. As the admin previously informed, this slot game provides free spins / replays. The symbol that can trigger free spins / replay or commonly called the scatter symbol is Madame Caroline's own symbol. This symbol can trigger a free spin / replay if 3 symbols appear on the reel.

Madame Caroline Slot Game Free Spin Bonus

Activate the Madame Caroline free spins feature by landing 3 Scatter symbols (alternatively Free Spin symbols) on the reels. Landing the symbols activates a side-game where you get to use your spins and also get a better chance of winning big.

This slot game provides a special win for gamers, you know. Every 3 scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 2, and 3 gamers will get 7 free spins / replays. Win will be counted from left to right or right to left calculated from the biggest win. If each symbol appears as many as 5 types, then the win will be multiplied.

Madame Caroline Slot Game Free Spin Bonus

During free spins / replays, free spins / replays will be given again 7 times if 3 scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 2, and 3 and free spins / replays are given a maximum of 70 free spins and a special symbol will appear in the reels. every round.

Madame Caroline Slot Game Payline

Madame Caroline Slot Game Payline

Madame Caroline Slot Game FAQ

Can I Play Madame Caroline Slot Game and Win Real Money

Absolutely! Make sure you are playing for real money and all your winnings are real, too. Alternatively, find a no deposit bonus for Madame Caroline, or any other bonus for this game, and your winnings will be real cash.

What is The Best Casino To Play Madame Caroline

Madame Caroline can be found in many online casinos. However, not all casinos are great, so you’d want to find a good casino - which you can find right here on this page.

Can I Play Madame Caroline Slot Without Paying

Yes, you can, if you activate the demo version. Another option is to find a Madame Caroline no deposit bonus, this way you can play without paying and still have the chance of winning real money!

Will the Madame Caroline Slot Work in My Mobile or Tablet

Yes, it will. Madame Caroline is a modern slot that works on all your devices. Read more about this in this review.

Madame Caroline Slot Game Big Win

Madame Caroline is a slot machine by PlayStar. According to the number of players searching for it, Madame Caroline is not a very popular slot. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad, so give it a try and see for yourself, or browse popular casino games.

To start playing, just load the game and press the 'Spin' button. You can learn more about slot machines and how they work in our online slots guide.