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Lucky Coming Slot Machine

Lucky Coming Slot Elephant head game or Ganesha slot god of success Prosperous in all areas, especially financial matters. Win big prizes of this game. Just the Wild symbol or the Ganesha symbol connected 3 images, get it immediately, the big prize is 1,111 times, multiplied by the amount that the player bets. The lucky coming slot machine is developed by Jili Bet Gaming. Enjoy this game.

Lucky Coming Slot Machine

How To Play Lucky Coming Slot Machine

  • 1. Wins pay if 3 symbols appear in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right.
  • 2. Winnings = Odds x Bet.
  • 3. If payline wins and special Wild turns into multiplier symbol, all winning points = Odds x Bet x Multipliers.
  • 4. Only Wild appear on the middle reel turns into extra multipliers.
  • 5. In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round will be invalid.

Lucky Coming Slot Machine

Lucky Coming Game Rules

  • Click the "Bet" button to set the amount you want to play, minimum 1 bet, maximum 2,000 bet, then press "SPIN" to play the game.
  • If 3 Symbols are displayed from left to right, Players will be able to win prizes immediately.
  • All winning points are equal to payout ratio x bet.
  • When the Wild shows up in the winning prize, all winning points equal payout rate x bet x multiplier.
  • There will be only one Wild on the center reel that will be multiplied.

Lucky Coming Slot Machine Payout and Bonus

Multiplied by Special Wild

Lucky Coming Slot Machine Multiplied by Special Wild

When payline wins and Wild appears on the middle reel, it always turn into a random multiplier and the prize will be multiplied!

  • x3 All prizes this round x3
  • x5 All prizes this round x5
  • X9 All prizes this round x9

Top Prize

Lucky Coming Slot Machine Top Prize

The WILDs appear on reels 1 to 3 will win the highest odds 1111X.


Lucky Coming Slot Machine Wild

  • 1. Substitutes for any symbols in the game.
  • 2. Randomly turns into X3, X5, or X9 on the middle reel only.
  • 3. Three Wilds combination is the highest paylie, 1111 multipliers.

Lucky Coming Slot Machine Payout

Elephant head symbol, payout is 3x1111.

Golden lotus symbol, payout is 3x111.

Gray lotus symbol, payout is 3x21.

Orange lotus symbol, payout is 3x5.

Any symbol payout is 3x1.

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Lucky Coming Slot Machine Big Win