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Fortune Pig Slot Machine

Fortune Pig Slot Machine is classic online slot game from Jili gaming that can be played on all platforms. The slot game is apply for a bonus up to 1000 bet with the Esballeu. The max multiplier BONUS is 1000X.

Fortune Pig Slot Machine

You have to collect as many pigs as possible for higher rewards. Pigs must be collected in a 3×3 board with five different prize pools waiting for you and amazing big prizes beyond imagination!

Fortune Pig Slot Machine

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Game Rules

  • Bet line wins pay if in succession starting from the leftmost reel to right according to paytable.
  • Main Game winnings = Odds x Bet.
  • Jackpot wins according to the paytable displayed in the main game.
  • In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round will be invalid.

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Game Rules

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Symbols and Features

The three piggy symbols are divided into each color: normal, red and yellow, with the following properties:

Fortune Red Pig Respin (Lock & Respin)

1. Activates respin if one or more fortune red pig appears on reels.

2. Any types of pigs will be locked via red ribbon and the rest symbols will start free respin.

Fortune Yellow Pig Expansion (Expand Downward 1~2 Places)

1. Fortune yellow pig appears on the top of every reel only.

2. When one of more fortune yellow pigs appears that will expands downward to two places at most.

3. Expanded symbols will not trigger other effects.

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Symbols

Collecting Pigs

1. Collect more thatn give pigs in the same round to win corresponding payouts according to paytable of jackpot in main game.

2. Collects four pigs in the same round for 5 multipliers payouts.

3. All types of pig symbols count in the same round.

4. Higher the bets, higher the prizes.

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Payout

  • Lucky Bag 3 x 20
  • Bar*3 3 x 10
  • Bar*2 3 X 8
  • Bar 3 x 5
  • pineapples 3 x 3
  • grade 3 x 2
  • waterlemon 3 x 1

Fortune Pig Slot Machine Payout

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Fortune Pig Slot Machine Jackpot