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Guess Train Mary Slot

Game Instruction

Guess Train is the combination of slot machine with Mario.The screen is divided by two sides. The bar is on the inner side of screen, and mario is on the outer. You win the bonus if the outer pattern is exactly alike the inner's. Besides, if three patterns of bars are the same, then you will win the special prize simultaneously. Each bet is 5 bets (The bets will be bet on 3 bars and the bar line at the same time.) The total bet is up to 125 bets.

Winning Type

General Bonus

You win the bonus, if the outer pattern is exactly alike the inner's. The total bonus will be added up to the winning amount. You can win the bar bonus, if three bars display the same result.

Special Bonus

If you hit the special bonus , you can play the lighting bonus game.

Fireworks: The machine will send 2~6 lighting bonus.(except special light)
Tank: The machine will send 3~8 lighting bonus.(except special light)
Train: Train: The machine will send 4 continuing lighting bonus.(If you hit the special bonus again, you won't hit the train.)

Bar bonus

When the three bars display the same Basaltic are alike the outer pattern, you win the Jackpot. The middle will display the winning payoff according to the bet table.


When the 3 identical JP symbols appear on the middle, please see [Jackpot]. If Mario is also stop on the same symbol on the outer, the player will get the odds which correspond with [Jackpot Odds].

General Bonus Odds

X 2
X 5
X 7
X 12
X 25
X 50
X 100
X 4
X 10
X 14
X 24
X 50
X 100
X 200

Bar Bounds Odds

X 10
X 15
X 20
X 30
X 50
X 150
X 300
X 20
X 30
X 40
X 60
X 100
X 300
X 600

Jackpot Symbol


※ Joker symbol is not parts of Jackpot combination.
※ JP is the symbols (JP Cherry, JP Cherry and JP Cherry) appear and Mario also stops on the same symbol.

Jackpot Odds

Single Line AmountJackpot Ratio
125 ALL JP
100 4/5 JP
75 3/5 JP
50 2/5 JP
25 1/5 JP

※ The jackpot accumulation is the 0.2% of the bet amount.
※ Maximum Jackpot rewards 5000 points in one bet.

Game Screen

Slot area
Outside surround lighting area
Jackpot area
Credits Display the current credit points.
Total Bet The bet amount of this round.
Win The winning amount of this round.
Credit Exchange Exchange and cash out.
Bet Each bet is 4 amount. The full bet is up to 125 bets.
Spin Clicking the spin button to start the game.
Stop Stop reeling.
Clear Cancel all bets.
SN Game round
Deposit Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
Sound Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
Music Clicking to start or stop the background music.
History Clicking to show the history data.
Help Clicking to show the game rules.
Exit Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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