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Ice Hockey Betting Online

Ice Hockey Betting Online

If you’re on the hunt for a sports betting site to do all of your hockey betting, then you’ve come to the right spot. Everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans of betting on the sport will be able to find the site that’s a perfect fit for them thanks to our guidance and resources located on this page.

In our detailed guide to the best hockey betting sites, we’ll start off by providing you with our list of top picks. After that, we’ll give you some color as to why we hand-selected these sites as the best of the best. You’ll also find loads of additional resources related to betting on hockey and online sports betting in general. Our goal here is to help you find the best hockey betting site for you and your betting needs.

Ice hockey is a sport that is played in various countries around the world and it is quickly becoming a popular sport among online gamblers. With an increase in bookmakers offering bets on ice hockey, this sport is the one to watch. Online bookmakers have recognised the increase in popularity and now offer a large number of odds and lines for each and every NHL match. On addition to betting on NHL games, bets can be placed on other ice hockey competitions.

US Ice Hockey Betting Online Rules

  1. All games will be considered valid upon full time (include extra time). If the referee committee decides to restart a game, the games in that game in question will be considered invalid.
  2. Should a match be abandoned, suspended or postponed exceeded 24 hours on the following day due to any circumstances before 55 minutes play from the original scheduled time, then all games on every game (except 'Combination') will be declared void. All voided games will be fully refunded.
  3. For 'Combination', should a match be abandoned, suspended or postponed exceeded 24 hours on the following day due to any circumstances before 55 minutes play from the original scheduled time, then all games in 'Combination' will still considered valid. The payout formula will be calculated as (1) for that particular match.
  4. Should a match kick-off prior from the schedule time, all accepted games after the match started will be consider VALID.

Types of Games

Straight Games

TimeHome Team1 x 2HandicapOver / Under
NHL US Ice Hockey
New Jersey Devils[Home]
DAL Stars
2.00 1.5 0.900 O 4 0.875 
0.41  0.900 U 4 0.875 

Odd and Even

  • During a appointed game, to call whether total of final matches scores come out at odd or even is based on the score of both teams after 55 minutes of played game.


  • In Point Spread, the favorite concedes points to the underdog and will be effective after 55 minutes of played game without violating the first rule.

Over and Under

  • Over and under games win/loss are determined by the game final score comparing it to the last Esball's total score before game starts. If the game's final result is above the Esball's total score, it is called "Over", otherwise it is known as Under.
  • If the final score is the same as Esball score, it is considered as a push, then the points will be refund to its original account; the final result is correspond to the game result after 55 minutes of played game.

Handicap Parlays

  • In Handicap Parlays, the favorite concedes points to the underdog and will be effective after 55 minutes of played game without violating the first rule.
  • In Handicap Parlays, members game on the points allowed on each team on the BOEING board in the parlays.
  • Any announced points ratio in Handicap Parlay can be used as parlay points (including second parlay, third parlay, and fourth parlay and so on).

Handicap Parlay Example:

Time  Point Spread  
NHL(National Hockey League)
New Jersey Devils[Home] 0.900 1.5 0.900 DAL Stars
Rangers[Home] 0.900 2 0.900 Carolina Hurricanes
San Jose Sharks[Home] 0.900 2 0.900 Anaheim Ducks

Final matches scores: New Jersey Devils 2:0 DAL Stars, Rangers 2:0 Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks 5 : 1San Jose Sharks, Rangers 2:0 Carolina Hurricanes Handicap Parlay example #1 New Jersey Devils, Rangers, Anaheim Ducks 3 teams parlay, a game of US$1000, Credit US$1000 x (1+0.900 ) x ( 1 ) x ( 1+0.900 )-1000 = 2610 Handicap Parlay example #2 DAL Stars, Rangers, Anaheim Ducks 3 teams parlay, a game of US$ 1000, Credit 1000 loose.

How To Bet On Ice Hockey Online

Ice hockey is played between two teams of six – five outfield players and one goaltender – on an ice rink. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. Goals are scored by hitting a rubberized disc known as a puck using a hockey stick – which resembles a giant-sized 3-Iron – into a goal. An ice hockey match lasts an hour and is divided into three 20-minute periods.

Each period starts with a “face-off”, which sees two opposing players try and grab possession of the puck after it has been dropped in the centre circle of the rink by the referee. Like soccer, the object of ice hockey is to defeat the opposing team by scoring more goals than them.

As a result, virtually all ice hockey betting markets that you are familiar with in soccer betting also apply to ice hockey betting, including the outright winner of a league or cup, the winner of an individual game, first goalscorer, both teams to score, over/under, next goalscorer etc. In the US, ice hockey is often referred to simply as “hockey”, but that is not to be confused with the sport the UK calls hockey, which is played on a grass field, commonly by girls at school level.

So if you see phrases like pro hockey betting tips, NHL hockey betting tips, hockey odds explained, hockey odds today, hockey predictions or hockey over under stats when searching for betting advice on ice hockey, despite the omission of the word “ice” they will almost certainly be relating to ice hockey betting predictions.

How We Find The Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites

There are lots of good options when it comes to betting on ice hockey, but you shouldn't settle for good. You want the best. That's why we put in the legwork to find out who's offering the best hockey betting lines and the biggest bonuses at the exact time you decide to sign up. To make the grade with us, sites have to pass the following tests:

  • Offer a wide variety of bets with competitive betting lines.
  • Feature cutting-edge software and mobile capabilities.
  • Have a strong reputation for safety and security.
  • Offer popular options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Licensed by an established regulatory body.

Ice Hockey League NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) (French:Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH)) is a North American professional ice hockey league. Founded in 1917, the NHL is internationally regarded as the best ice hockey league worldwide, and top talent from all across the globe play in the league, and one of the North American major professional sports leagues. The NHL is divided into two conferences, each of which consists of two divisions.

The league was founded in 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with four teams, and through a series of expansions, contractions and relocations, the league is now composed of 31 teams, 24 of which are based in the United States and seven in Canada. After a labour dispute that led to the cancellation of the entire 2004–05 season, the league has staged a successful comeback, including revenue and profit growth.

Because the sport originated in Canada, Canadians have historically constituted a large majority of the players in the NHL. Over the past 30 years, the percentages of American and European players have increased because of the NHL's continued expansion into the United States, its high standard of play compared to other leagues, and the availability of highly skilled European players. Nevertheless, more than half of the league's players on the 2005–06 roster were born in Canada.

Start Betting Online Ice Hockey Now

Take the first step right now by signing up with one of our top-rated online casinos and cash in on a valuable welcome bonus. You can make a small deposit and the casino will match it to kick start your betting bankroll right off the bat.

It's also never been easier to bet on ice hockey on your mobile device. All the top casinos and sportsbooks have designed their sites to work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. That means you're no longer glued to your computer when you want to set up your bets.

As long as you have a tablet or smartphone running a recent version of iOS or Android, you'll have no problem making ice hockey bets on your mobile device. That includes iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab S2, Google Pixel 2, Huawei P20 Pro and many more.

Online bookmakers will offer a long list of current and upcoming games that can be bet on, including the odds of all games. With the increasing popularity of ice hockey, more and more bookies will be offering a section solely dedicated to ice hockey, both in the US and throughout Europe.

The NHL draws the most attention when it comes to ice hockey and the majority of bets places involve these professional teams and games. It is also very common for bettors to place wagers on the outcome of the Stanley Cup, one of the largest and most recognised ice hockey championship tournaments.

With many online bookies now offering the option of betting on ice hockey, this sport continues to become popular and more and more people are placing their bets on their favourite teams, including the NHL as well as teams of the European leagues.

Ice Hockey Betting Online FAQ

What Ice Hockey Is Worth Betting On?

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, with dozens of leagues and tournaments. Ice hockey is particularly big in North America, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. While the NHL (National Hockey League) in North America is the biggest in the world. Other regional ice hockey is certainly worth betting on.

Is Ice Hockey Played In The Olympics?

Yes, it is. Ice hockey is played in the Winter Olympics and you will find plenty of interesting betting markets during the Winter Olympics, which takes place every four years.

Can I Bet On Ice Hockey Live?

Yes, you can. Ice hockey is one of the best sports to bet on live (In-Play) as it is a very fast-paced game, with many events happening very quickly. Most hockey bettors will set up their pre-match bets, particularly for the first quarter, and then move over to live betting for the rest of the game.