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Fish Hunter 2

Game Rule

“Fish Hunter2” is an interactive game for multiplayer. It brings you to see a lot of tropical fishes and beautiful deep sea. Let’s experience and enjoy the pleasant sensation.

Instructions of artilleries

Fish Hunter 2


Species Odds Species Odds
Fish Hunter2 2 Fish Hunter2 10
Fish Hunter2 3 Fish Hunter2 15
Fish Hunter2 5 Fish Hunter2 20
Fish Hunter2 6 Fish Hunter2 30
Fish Hunter2 7 Fish Hunter2 X40~X60
Fish Hunter2 8 Fish Hunter2 X50~X80
Fish Hunter2 9 Fish Hunter2 X100~X300
Special Fish Patterns Instructions
Fun Wheel Fish Hunter2-Fun Wheel
  • When the Fun Wheel is triggered, stop shooting and play the wheel game.
  • The winning prize = artillery’s points * odds on the wheel.
  • If exit the game during the Fun Wheel, the Fun Wheel will disappear.
  • During the Fun Wheel, the artillery’s point cannot be changed, and the props cannot be used.
  • The Fun Wheel doesn’t appear before shoals of fish coming (when the reminder shows).
Free Shooting Fish Hunter2-Free Shooting
  • When 10 seconds Free Shooting.
  • Exit the game during the Free Shooting, the Free Shooting will disappear, but the winning prize is calculated.
  • The artillery’s point cannot be changed during the Free Shooting.
  • The Free Shooting doesn’t appear before shoals of fish coming (when the reminder shows).
  • When the Free Shooting time up, the system will collect the bullets on the screen.
  • When Free Shooting is triggered during auto play, if there is no locked species in the fishing ground, Free Shooting will be stopped.
Flash Fish Fish Hunter2-Flash Fish
  • When the Special Fish is killed, lightning will kill numbers of fish randomly. The player can get high odds.
  • If there is no fish in the fish ground for lighting to kill, the player will get a big prize randomly!
Cross Flame Fish Hunter2-Cross Flame
  • When the player hits a Cross Flame, the Cross Flame will launch in situ and kill several fish.
  • If the Cross Flame doesn’t kill any fish, the player can get a prize randomly.
  • The artillery’s point cannot be changed during the Cross Flame.
  • Close the game and the Cross Flame disappears.

Main Game Screen

Fish Hunter 2

A Game Screen
B Game Function
C Player Artilleries
D Player Information
  • Fish Hunter 2 The symbol which shows on the screen represents the connection status of the game.
  • The minimum requirement to play the mobile version: 2016 mobile phone.
Game FunctionInstruction
TOTAL BET The bet amount of this round.
CREDIT EXCHANGE Choose exchange.
CREDITS Display the current credit points.
Increase / decrease bet points Click + or – to change the bet points.
Auto shoot During auto shoot, the bullets have penetration effect and can lock and attack the target. If manually click the other fish, the target will change to the fish which you clicked and the bullets still have penetration effect.
Lock & Shoot When lock and shoot, the bullet will lock and shoot the target, and pass through the others. If click on the other fish, it will be the new target and the bullet will pass through the others.
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round
USER ID Display the user’s ID
DEPOSIT Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
SOUND Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking to start or stop the background music.
HISTORY Clicking to show the history data.
HELP Clicking to show the game rules.
EXIT Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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