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Field Hockey Betting Online

Field Hockey Betting Online, Field Hockey Sport Odds

Field Hockey is a sport with a rich history. During the summer Olympics dozens of online bookies offer odds on all matches from both the men’s and women’s tournament. There is also some limited coverage for other major competitions and qualifiers. Before mentioning these competitions, the sites below are ones that will be offering betting on field hockey played at the 2016 Summer Olympics which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Field Hockey General Rules

  • Unless otherwise stated, all Field Hockey bettings online will be settled based on the results of 2 x 35 minute halves of play. This includes any additional stoppage time that maybe added at the end of the match.
  • Should a game / event be abandoned, suspended or postponed and fail to resume after 12 hours from the official kick off / start time, the result as it stands will be deemed void and all bets will be cancelled, except for those on Markets that have been unconditionally determined. The company's decision to cancel all bets in such an event is final and is regardless of any official decision by the event referee or relevant governing authority.
  • All 1st half bets apply to first half of the match only. Bets are settled on the score at the end of the scheduled "35 minutes" including any stoppage time.
  • If a match is abandoned during the 1st half, all 1st half bets are considered void, unless explicitly stated in the individual Bet Type rules. If a match is abandoned during the 2nd half, all 1st half bets will still be valid.
  • If the match starts before the scheduled time, only bets placed before the match commenced will be considered valid. Bets placed after the match commenced will be considered void. This excludes In-Play bet types.

How to Bet Field Hockey Online

There are really only three ways field hockey is bet. The most popular is called 1X2. This uses regulation time only and is a 3-way market where the options are home/away/draw with each having its own odds. Another wagering option is the handicap. For most matches the handicap has the favorite -1.5 goals and the underdog +1.5. However, on some rare occasions when matches are expected to be heavily lopsided a spread of -2.5/+2.5 is used. The final way to bet is over/under. Most games are handicapped at either 3.5 goals, 4.5 goals or 5.5 goals. Whichever the bookmaker posts as a total, you make a wager on whether the total goals scored by both teams will go over or under that total.

Bet Types

Below is a breakdown of the rules for the individual bet types we offer for Field Hockey.

2.1. 1 X 2

  • Predict who will win the match. This market will contain the two teams and the draw as betting selections.

2.2. Handicap

  • Predict who will win the match / period with the indicated handicap applied.

2.3. In-Play Handicap

  • Predict who will win the match / period with the indicated handicap applied.
  • Settlement is based on the score line, from when the bet was placed to the end of the match / period.

2.4. Over / Under (Goals)

  • Predict whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under the indicated total line.
  • If a match is abandoned, Over / Under bets will only be settled when the market has been unconditionally determined as any further potential goals have no affect on the market result. In all other scenarios, bets will be considered void.

2.5. In-Play Over / Under (Goals)

  • Predict whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under the indicated total line.
  • Settlement is based on the final score line and the total line is applied to a 0-0 score line. The current score, at the time of bet placement, is not factored into the bet.

2.6. Odd / Even

  • Predict whether the total number of goals scored will be odd or even.

Field Hockey Betting Odds

When comparing bookmakers, one of the easiest ways to find out how competitive a company are is to calculate their profit levels. The more generous the odds are, means a higher return to the player (this is called the RTP) and less profit for the bookie.

To enable us to calculate the payout rate, we studied data both current and historical on four field hockey tournaments. We compared the odds at Dealer Casino Online for twenty games picked at random. We combined the odds offered for a home win, an away win and the odds for a draw, the results of this can be seen below.

Average Odds for Field Hockey Tournaments
Field Hockey Betting SiteHockey World CupEuroHockey ChampionshipOlympic HockeyCommonwealth Games Hockey
Field Hockey Betting Site A 96.35% 96.35% 97.25% 96.93%
Field Hockey Betting Site B 94.32% 96.22% 95.42% 95.81%
Field Hockey Betting Site C 93.99% 94.55% 96.48% 94.19%
Field Hockey Betting Site D 93.32% 95.93% 96.96% 96.42%
Field Hockey Betting Site E 94.84% 94.92% 96.03% 97.01%

The data showed that there was minimal variance between the five bookmakers we analysed, which means that they all offered a decent return to the player. Ladbrokes provided consistently good value with a bookmaker profit margin of 3.75%, 3.75%, 2.75% and 3.07% in the four tournaments. Field Hockey Betting Site D had the lowest RTP at 93.32% for the World Cup, but they offered above-average returns of 96.96% for Olympic events.

Field Hockey Betting Basic Strategy

The strategy for online field hockey betting is comparable to that of any other sport. The best thing you can do improve your bottom line is to take a serious interest as a fan of the sport. Find a favorite league and focus your efforts on learnings the ins and outs of how that specific league works, which teams are the best and how each team reacts to different situations.

Something that has always worked well for me is to pick a few teams and dedicate the majority of my betting focus on matches that involve those teams. Eventually, you can get a pretty good grasp on each team’s playing style, coaching style, how it performs on the road, how it reacts to tough losses, what types of adjustments it makes during games and so on.

One of the advantages you have if you closely follow the game is that you can actually become more knowledgeable than the average bookmaker. Field hockey still ranks fairly low on the list of priorities at major betting sites that cover hundreds of events every day. The oddsmakers can only devote so much time to field hockey when they also have about 50 football games that are guaranteed to attract many times the betting handle.

Smart bankroll management is also a must-have in any form of gambling. No matter how good you may get at picking winners, you’re not going to win every time. Even the best teams have their off days. If you get into a habit of betting more than about 5% of your bankroll on every game, it is only a matter of time before you hit a bad run and decimate your bankroll.

Field Hockey Betting Tips

Remember that odds fluctuate during a game, use this variance to your benefit when attempting to play at the best field hockey betting sites. It’s not unusual to see a goal-blitz in the later stages of a game, so it’s sometimes prudent to hang on before placing a bet. Or even consider splitting bets. For example, Wales are playing Scotland in the EuroHockey Championship.

The odds pre-match are 6/5 Wales and 6/4 Scotland. The bookmakers have Wales slight favourites, but there is little between them. If Scotland takes an early lead, or the longer the game goes on without a score, the longer the odds will become on Wales winning. So if the intention was to bet on Wales, but the odds didn’t seem favourable, patience can sometimes pay off.

Here are some of the most popular field hockey betting tips that you can use.

  • Optimize your bet with 3 – 4 accumulators
  • Consider checking the less popular leagues as they might have higher odds
  • Over/Under bets are always a good options
  • Check the live betting sections as they may offer more leagues
  • Combine the outright with a fixture bet to Set up a hedge bet
  • Analyse the direct clashes to make better predictions

Another tip would be to use the tools at your disposal at the bookmaker’s sites. Not many of us would claim to be total experts about field hockey, not enough to pick it on Mastermind anyway, but even the most ardent field hockey fan can miss some results. Luckily the bookies provide the statistical data to make an informed decision.