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Championship Betting

Football Championship Betting, Formula 1, Champions League Bets

Championship Betting Rules

  1. The chosen team or player, who became the final champion in a designated championship game, meets the payout conditions (according to the game title, eg: Championship).
  2. Under certain championship games, where there are more than one winners, we will settle the bets according to the following formula: (Bets / Number of winners x Odds) – (Bets / Number of winners ) = Total payout


2006/6/26 12:00a Paraguay 1.2 Paraguay
Netherlands 3.5
Germany 4
England 25
Argentina 81
Portugal 81


To guess Paraguay will win for 1000 points, then you'll win 100 points (1000 points / 2 x 1.2 =100). The Payoff excludes (seed capital / 2).


To guess Netherlands will win for 1000 points, then you'll win 1250 points (1000 points / 3.5 =1250). The Payoff excludes (seed capital / 2).

  • Transact on the champion team of a selected league.


F1 Betting Rules

  1. All F1 betting will be determined by the final finishing positions,and will not be affected by any subsequent inquiries or disqualifications govern by any sporting body.
  2. All bets of betting types for F1 matches (excluding parlay) will be seen as invalid bets and bet amounts returned to players when a match was terminated, delayed or forfeited and the match was not resumed within the same day.
  3. The above statement means if the F1 match is abandoned, suspended or did not resume the game on the same day, all single bets placed for the event will be considered VOID and fully refunded to the player. In "Combination" bet, it will be considered valid and odds will count as 1.
  4. If the race start before the schedule time, all bets taken after the official starting time will be consider voided.


Straight Games 

Race driver match-ups

  1. In head-to-head match-ups offered by Esball, all match-ups will be settled as the official finishing result.
  2. In head-to-head match-ups, if one driver disqualify due to breaking rules or accident and unable to complete the race, the other driver will be declared as the winner. If one or both drivers do not finish the race, the driver who has completed the most laps, is declared as the winner. If both drivers have completed the same number of laps before unable to complete the race, then the bets will be consider voided and the money will be refunded.
  3. All match-ups will be settled as per final standing positions for that particular competition where one driver won the head-to-head from another driver.


Rules in concern with players' absences of assigned games:

  • No matter the teams/players participated the games, league or matches or not, all bettings will be considered as valid.