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Dragon Must Die Slot Game Online

Game Rules

Dragon Must Die is an 8 line-slot-game, which blend with role-play's elements. Bet 8 lines each time with 1 bet. According to the game level, the maximum bet is 50.

During the game, the bet limit will change with the level. When player enter the game initially, the level will be one. When bets accumulate to a specific amount, the level will upgrade. The highest level is 3. Please see the following below:

Level 1: The maximum bet is 10.
Level 2: The maximum bet is 25.
Level 3: The maximum bet is 50.


Single Line
(Prize =Bets of each line × Odds)
   X 2 When the spin result matches the odds patterns on left hand side, the player win.
   X 5
   X 10
   X 10
   X 14
   X 18
   X 20
  X 10
   X 30
   X 50
   X 70
   X 80
(Prize =Total Bets × Odds)
X 30 If there are all the same symbols appear on, the player can get special odds of ALL.
  X 30
X 40
X 40
X 50
X 60
X 60
X 70
X 80
X 15 When ALL combine with the two or more of these four symbols, the Treasure Box Monster will show up and the player can win extra special odds.
Any Fairy
(Prize =Total Bets × Odds)
X2 X 2 When two or more fairies appear (don’t need to be on the same line), the player can win extra special odds.
X3 X 5
X4 X 20
X5 X 30
X6 X 40
X7 X 60
X8 X 80
X9 X 100
Jackpot Symbol

When 2 or more Jackpot Symbols appear on the specific positions → win Jackpot.




Reward Bonus

Dark Knight Accumulate 20 times of helmet line (3 helmets on the same line), then can win the reward bonus of Dark Knight.
LV1 can accumulate up to 800 points.
LV2 can accumulate up to 2000 points.
LV3 can accumulate up to 4000 points.
Evil Dragon Accumulate 30 times of crystal line, then can win the reward bonus of Evil Dragon.
LV1 can accumulate up to 1600 points.
LV2 can accumulate up to 4000 points.
LV3 can accumulate up to 8000 points.

Ps. only max bet in the current level can accumulate the frequency.

Game Screen

Main Game Screen

【A Game Screen】: Main game screen – 8 lines.

【B Game Info】: WANTED pictures & : When the helmet line or the crystal line appears, the number will minus 1. When the number is 0, the player can win the reward bonus.( Up to minus 1 per round.)

【C Game Info】: Cumulative Bar: when the bar is full, then can upgrade.

【D Odds】:【Open/Close】 This function can open or close the odds table.

【E Odds】:【Prev/Next】 This function can change the page of the odds table.

Game FunctionInstruction
CREDITS Display the current credit points.
TOTAL BET The bet amount of this round.
WIN The winning amount of this round.
Credit Exchange Choose the exchange and cash out, and also can click to change the ratio during the game.
BET/+/- Bet on 8 lines/Add 10 times of bet/Reduce 10 times of bet.
MAX BET Directly bet the highest limit points in the current level.
AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLAY Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
SPIN/STOP Start or stop spin.
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round
USER ID Display the user's ID
DEPOSIT Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
SOUND Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking to start or stop the background music.
HISTORY Clicking to show the history data.
HELP Clicking to show the game rules.
EXIT Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.

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