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Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy: Baccarat Smile, Step By One to Seven - Smile Like a Sunshine

Are you constantly searching for baccarat tips and finding they all seem similar or the same? Now is time to learn advanced baccarat skills to increase your winning rate! This is not a gift that falls from the sky, nor a magical trick taught by David Copperfield, this baccarat betting strategy is called the "Baccarat Smile". It is a set of technic that will let you smile like a sunshine when playing, method for pattern reading, method to increase winning rate, method that WINS MONEY!

Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy: Baccarat Smile

This article will walk you through the seven magical steps for Baccarat winning technic and the “know how” while playing.

Baccarat Smile One: Trend Following Is Also A Strategy

Often players are betting by luck for the first sets of game as there isn’t any pattern able for reference when a new baccarat game starts. Reference patterns are only available as the game carries on, and it is very important to take in mind that the "first round" of a new baccarat game had a big impact on the gaming pattern.

The first trick you are to learn is called “Trend Following”, by all means you follow the trend! Simply, whatever the result is for the first round you follow. If the first gaming results shows to be Banker, then Banker is what you place for the second round, if Player shows to be the results, then Player is what you place for the second round. If by any chance a tie came up! Well, take another pick for your second bet.

Baccarat Smile Two: Knowing When To Switch

Knowing when to switch pattern is always a wise decision when the sequences is not going the direction you wish for. Ways for placing Baccarat bets are very flexible, it is not always about following the pattern, it all depends on the situation. You can’t expect routine game results or believe there is a standard procedure to resolve all situations in the game. Assuming that the first phase listed above fails where results are not continuously appears to be at the same side, it would be strongly advice to consider placing your bet to the opposite side.

For instance, switching Banker bets to Player bets or the vice versa. All roads lead to Rome, whether trend following or switch sides you should always be flexible and keep opportunity open while placing your bet.

Baccarat Smile Three: You Jump, I Jump!

Remember the famous Titanic scenes where DiCaprio romantically look in you in eye and said “You jump, I jump!”. Well, this is what I suggest you do if the above two method didn’t work out. The aim of all tricks is to maximize winning rate and always take in mind, never expect routine game results or believe there is a standard procedure to resolve all situations. By all means skip along with the sequences, suppose for the second bet you place Banker and it results in Player, third bet place Player results in Banker, no doubt for the fourth bet you should try Player and Banker for the fifth game. This is the so-called "jump bet", a strategy change in order to fit the changing pattern and increase winning rate.

Baccarat Smile Four: Take A Break Before You Break

I frankly believe the God of good fortune might be on a coffee break if I heard you ask, “What if none of the phase above works!”. STOP! Take a good break! I mean, not saying to leave the game what so ever, just simply take a break, get a beer or something.

I assume it would have meant the game really hasn’t result as you expected, couple of dollar must have grown wings and flown away. In this case, please do take a break away from the game for a while. Clear you soul and reset your mind, please DO NOT play with emotion, judgments will be effected interfering your decision. Please do take a break from the game, settle your mind and review the pattern through again. It is important only get back to the game again when you put your strategy together and ready to play.

Advanced Baccarat Betting Strategy: Baccarat Smile

Baccarat Smile Five: Be A Man

The core value in this phase to knowing how to set a “Breakout Point”. This is where you set a reasonable amount in mind, when reached then you pull the brake! It’s just like playing in the stock market, a breakout is when the price moves above a resistance level or moves below a support level. Think of Baccarat as an investment, always set a breakout point for any investment. Surly we hope for the investment to increase and expand over time, but don’t let it overly expand especially for losses. If you do reach your breakout point make sure you do turn away, BE A MAN, walk away, don’t blindly invest in more only at an affordable price, think of it as an investment, entertainment. There is always risks in every investment, don’t let it kill your passion for fun and dry you out.

Baccarat Smile Six: Don’t Be Greedy

Too much or less of anything is never the way to keep thing balanced. The “Breakout Point” theory listed in phase 5 is also applicable in this stage. Remember the key factor listed above? BE A MAN, walk away, don’t blindly invest in more!

Surly we all wish to become a millionaire, but we all know it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! “Breakout Point” are meant to be set for both high and low ends, not only it’s necessary for lost, but also important when you win. Don’t be greedy, often greediness may end up costing your win, worst of all pay out the original amount you start up with. Again, there is always risks in every investment, don’t let it kill your passion for fun and dry you out. Always have in mind to keep things balanced in order to maintain your enthusiasm.

Baccarat Smile Seven: Merry-Go-Round

It is important to know the heart of the first six phase before you approach the last phase. Baccarat is one of the card games that use more than one deck of cards during the session of bets. However, the number of decks may vary depending on the type of baccarat you play. The most frequent amount is between six – eight decks of cards, total number of cards and decks impacts and effect the odds of result. The core to this finial phase is a “fifty five” decision making philosophy.

Despite the number of deck used, three-quarters of the game must had been played by the time you reached the 55th round. Please do review your total turnover rate by the time you reached the 55th round. If your margin is less than when you first entered the table, then I sincerely ask you to exit the game at this point. By all mean you must have misplaced most of your bets, the game didn’t go as you wish. The remainder dozens of games will not increase your percentage of winning, but come to worst increase unnecessary sacrifices.

You may have noticed by know, Baccarat Smile philosophy is like Merry Go Round, a life cycle where all stage is linked to another and back to the beginning once reached the last step. It’s a set of transformation strategies derived from the beginning of the game where we are just glancing around, finding the pattern and routes, into a more advance stage involving strategy and decision making. This theory is not only a complete structure, but also an accurate model to guide player for winning rate increasing. Not only we increase winning rate, but also minimize the loss probability making sure our quality of life can be maintained in a reasonable standard while enjoying this entertainment of yours. Our purpose in putting up this theory is to simplify the techniques and strategies that can be handy for the players without going through massive calculation or brain storming. Hope the above is useful to all reader, enjoy!

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