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Unlimited Blackjack 21 Online

Blackjack 21 Online


The purpose of this game is to get the points that are closest to 21 points and not exceeding 21. Players win if they do not bust and have a total that is higher than the dealer's.
Blackjack is an ace plus a ten-point-card. The total is the same as 21 points, but Blackjack is bigger than 21 points.

The best live Blackjack 21 Online is a game which doesn’t have limitation of player. Players can bet on the same position at the same time.
If there are two players bet on the same position, one of the players chooses "stand" and another chooses "hit". In this situation, the dealer will deal a card, but the player who chooses "stand" cannot plus the points of the card.

Playing Method

  • At the beginning of each round, players get two cards face up. The dealer gets one card face up and one card face down.
  • The dealer asks players in sequence do they need to take an additional card. Players can see their hand cards and the dealer's face up card to decide they need to take or not.
  • When the dealer's cards total is under or equal 16, she has to take hits; Over or equal 17, she cannot take hits.
  • Blackjack is bigger than 21 points.
  • Players win if they do not bust and have a total that is higher than the dealer's.
  • If the player has Blackjack, he/she doesn't need to compete against the dealer and wins the prize which is the bet amount x 1.5. Unless the dealer has Blackjack as well, then, this round is tie. The bet amount will be refunded.

Bet option

  • Bet:
    Players have to bet before they join the game.

Play options

  • Hit:
    Take another card from the dealer.
  • Stand:   
    Take no more cards. Use the current hand points to compete against the dealer.
  • Insurance:
    If the dealer's upcard is an ace, the player can use half of the initial wager to take insurance. When the dealer has Blackjack, insurance pays 2:1.
    ※ If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, the player loses the insurance.
  • Double:
    After receiving initial two cards, if player has total 11, he/she has the option to double the initial wager.
    After doubled, the player takes an additional card and then competes against the dealer.
  • Split:
    If the first two cards have the same value, the player can split them into two hands.
    The wager of the second hand is the same as the initial wager.
    ※ The cards cannot be split again after split. If the player has a ten-point-card plus an ace in one hand after split, Blackjack is counted as non-Blackjack 21 and the odds is 1:1.
    ※ If the split card is ace, the player only can take one additional card.

Points of Cards


※ Ace (soft) only can be counted as 1 point when the hand has over 21 points.

  • Hand value:
    Blackjack > 21 points > any points > bust
  • Blackjack:
    The abbreviation is BJ. The first two cards are an ace plus a ten-point-card total to 21 points. Odds is 1:1.5.
  • 21 points:
    More than 2 cards total to 21 points.
  • Bust:
    If the hand value exceeds 21 points, it busts. The player loses the initial wager and the double amount.
  • Tie:
    When the dealer and player both have Blackjacks or have the same points, this round is tie. The initial wager and the double amount will be refunded.


Win 1:1
Blackjack 1:1.5
Insurance 1:2


Sometimes the system has reading problem during the dealing. The dealer will re-scan the card until the system can read the card properly. (If the system has failure or error cause by the dealer, every related bets will be cancelled.)