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Game Xoc Dia Online

Game Xoc Dia Online


Se Die starts from 1909. This Xoc Dia Online Game uses the equipment which can be seen at home. Use a bowl to cover on 4 buttons which are placed on a plate and then shake it. Players bet on the result. This game is simple and fun so it becomes popular soon.

Playing Method

The dealer puts 4 buttons with red and white side in a plate with bowl as a cover and then shakes. After the dealer stops shaking in the screen, the members can start to bet. When the betting time is finish and the dealer open the bowl, the system will calculate payout according to the result.


Bet TypesOddsExplanation
1:12 Dice 4 red show this kind of bet win.
1:12 Dice 4 white show this kind of bet win.
1:2.6 Dice 3 red and 1 white show this kind of bet win.
1:2.6 Dice 3 white and 1 red show this kind of bet win.
Odd 1:0.96

Dice 3 red with 1 white or 3 white with 1 red win.
Even 1:0.96 Dice 4 red, 4 white or 2 white with 2 red win.
  1. The process of this game is the closest to real casino's settings. If there are some special situations happen, it will be handled according to the company's notice.
  2. If dealer drop the bowl, plate or button during the game, we will put it back and re-shake.
  3. If one button stacks on another, dealer will use a glass stick to separate the buttons.
  4. If dealer forgot to shake the button and then open the bowl, or open the cover before betting time start not yet finish, this game will be voided and refund all betting to player.


  1. If the system failure, all bets/rewards will be cancelled.
  2. The game will clear The road map will be cleaned automatically every 90 round games.
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